Revenue Share
Revshare is the most popular program with our affiliates. Offered in 2 tiers, one with trials and one without. Our trails convert above 60%, and our full memberships even higher. A great option for any webmaster looking at a long term partnership and earning large amounts from every sale. If you are sending more than 40 sales a month contact us and we will bump you to 60%.
Pay Per Signup
If you want your money upfront and wish to leave the risk of rebills to us then we have our $25 PPS program just for you. If you send more than 50 sales a month and have a good track track record with our program we are happy to bump your PPS to $30. If you are a long standing affiliate sending large sale volumes please contact us about our low price point trials on PPS.
Send any webmaster to ur program and recieve 5% of their earnings with us for life. A very easy way to make large volumes of money.